Pastor Duane Deckert

11334090_10153531539526414_3483175549782656334_oPastoral ministry is a second career for Duane, having answered God’s call to ministry in the year 2000.  After completing his studies at North American Baptist Seminary, he was called to Bible Fellowship Church in Minot during 2004.   He is married to Linda, and they are the parents of Heather and Joel.  His hobby is raising sheep, something he has done for over 30 years.

During his years of farming, Duane milked cows for 10 years, then worked for Dairy Herd Improvement Assn. for 10 years.  His work experience has prepared him for relating to people and their day-to-day needs.

Duane was a Gideon for 10 years, during which he was involved with prison ministry through the Gideons as well as through Chuck Colson and Bill Glass prison ministries.

While at Seminary, Pastor Duane took a specialization in marriage and family therapy. This has helped to equip him for counseling in the pastoral context.  It has also helped him relate theologically to our behaviors and attitudes.

Pastor Duane believes that Grace needs to be the launching pad from which ministry to people begins.