About Us

We are a small Bible-centered Mennonite Brethren church located in Minot, North Dakota.
Our desire is to seek God first and then to serve those around us. We also value fellowship and are grateful for the times we get to spend together.

Our Location

We are located in northwest Minot just a few blocks west of the beautiful Oak Park.
We are also easily accessible from the Highway 83 bypass.

Statement of Faith

We proclaim a belief in God that is both “Evangelical” and “Anabapist.”
What does that mean? Here are the main points:


  • We believe in the one true and living God, who is the Creator of the universe.
    He is completely holy and sovereign. He is our shepherd and our refuge. He is eternal.
  • We believe in the Trinity – God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.


  • We believe Jesus is only son of God.
  • He was born of the virgin Mary, being both God and Man and living a sinless life.
  • Jesus conquered sin through His death and resurrection and offers reconciliation with God to all who place their trust in Him.

The Holy Spirit

  • We believe the Holy Spirit convicts people of sin, gives them new life and guides them into all truth.
  • The Spirit is our counselor and comforter and giver of spiritual gifts.

The Bible

  • We believe the entire Bible was inspired by God through the Holy Spirit. The Bible is the authoritative guide for Faith and life.


  • We believe humans are the crowning act of creation and were designed to live in fellowship with God.
  • We believe sin entered the world through the disobedience of Adam and Eve. As a result of that sin, people are alienated from God and creation and human nature is now distorted. All people disobey God and choose to sin, falling short of the Glory of God.
  • We believe human sinfulness results in spiritual and physical death. Since all have sinned, all face eternal separation from God.


  • We believe when people place their trust in Jesus, they are saved through grace.
  • No one is saved by their own works, but it is the free gift of God available to all.
  • Forgiveness through Jesus is the only way to receive salvation from sins.

The Church

  • We believe the church is the people called by God through Christ. It includes male and female from every nation and race with Christ as it’s head. It exists both locally and globally.
  • The local church is a covenant community in which members are mutually accountable in matters of faith and life. They love, care, and pray for each other. They share joys and burdens. They admonish and correct one another.
  • The church is commanded to make disciples of all nations by calling people to repent, and by baptizing them and teaching them to obey Christ.


  • We believe baptism is a sign of having been cleansed from sin. It is a covenant with the church to walk in the way of Christ through the power of the Spirit.
  • It is a public sign that a person has repented of sins and received forgiveness through Christ. It is also a pledge to serve Christ according to the gifts given them.
  • We practice water baptism by immersion.

Christ’s Return

  • We believe God will someday create a new heaven and a new earth in which there will be no evil, suffering, or death.
  • Christ will return visibly and triumphantly. He will destroy all evil. Those who have received salvation through Christ will be united with Christ and reign with Him in glory. Those who have rejected Him will be condemned to eternal punishment in hell.

To read the full USMB (U.S. Mennonite Brethren) confession of faith, please visit the USMB website.